Fearless MD

A little bit about me

I completed medical training 32 years ago but experienced a life-changing event in 2012. I participated in a 21-day Daniel Fast with my church community. Though the three-week diet, equivalent to a whole food plant-based diet, was intended to emphasize prayer, the impact of the food intrigued me. By the end of the second week, I had more energy, fewer joint aches, more mental clarity, better sleep, and lower blood pressure. I surmised the benefits were mainly from consuming real food and omitting processed food. Yes, prayer likely helped but sadly, it had been inconsistent ( because I was so focused on food preparation).


After that revelation, I decided to take a year-long certification course in integrative holistic nutrition which was the start of my transformation to a whole food plant-based lifestyle.


My training course, combined with a decade of studying nutrition science, love of animals, and concerns about climate change, has led me to the current space where I reside, a vegan.