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2024 28-Day Kickstart to Plant-Based Eating

Healthy Food Choices Help

Bullet points from last Tuesday evening

Dr. R. Gupta

Cravings Busters:

  • Cravings are common and often involve sugar, salt, oil (fat), cheese, and dairy products.
  • Best to avoid fast food, junk food, candy, highly processed desserts, and sugar-loaded beverages.
  • Consume naturally sweet foods like fruit, sweet potatoes, carrots, and dates.
  • Avoid bringing tempting, unhealthy foods into your home.
  • Distract yourself from cravings by calling a friend, going for a walk, or moving away from the temptation.
  • Keep healthy fruit snacks available; cravings typically fade after about 15 minutes if the tempting food is out of sight.
  • If you are genuinely hungry or experiencing low blood sugar, eat a healthy meal.
  • Ensure you get adequate sleep.
  • Address emotional factors contributing to stress or anxiety.

Pushback from Family or Friends:

  • Understand that pushback may stem from guilt, envy, or curiosity.
  • Respond with openness and honesty about your personal intent.
  • Be respectful of their often uninformed perspective.
  • Exercise patience, tolerance, and understanding with them when dealing with pushback.
  • Continue to educate yourself on nutrition and seek support from like-minded family, friends, or a support group.

Assignments for the week:

These guidelines are designed to help individuals kick start their journey into plant-based eating, manage cravings, and handle potential resistance from family and friends while working towards a healthier lifestyle.

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