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Ten Reasons to Eat More Plants

  1. They contain fiber, something meat, fish, egg and dairy do not have. Fiber is the preferred food of our gut bacteria, our microbiota.
  2. Plants have a unique panoply of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.
  3. Plants, while offering many nutrients, generally possess fewer calories per gram, with only few exceptions.
  4. The consumption of a variety of plants has been associated with the development of healthier gut microbes.
  5. Plant-based eating can often prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease.
  6. Plant-based consumption can reduce cancer risks, especially when at the same time, meat is eliminated or markedly reduced.
  7. Risks of dementia can be reduced by consuming more plants and less animal products.
  8. The Blue Zones, 5 places around the world where people live well past their 90s and are physically and mentally fit, eat mostly plants and rare to occasional meat (most often fish).
  9. More consumption of plants in place of meat will decrease our carbon foot print and help to preserve our planet for future generations.
  10. Plant-based meals may save millions of animals from abuse and slaughter, and create less demand and exposure to GMO products.

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