Fearless MD

Week 2 of Fearless 30- Day Kickstart

Attention: This posting is for the almost 80 people who are members of the Clubhouse House: Fearless-30-day Kick start challenge to WFPB eating 2023

This is week #2 of the challenge.  I hope everyone is as enthusiastic as I am in moving forward in this journey.  We learned a lot at last Tuesday night’s gathering which was very well attended and included lots of pearls and nuggets of information.  We covered:

What is Whole Food Plant Based eating, and what is WFPB vs Vegan?

Introduction of the Mods

-The meaning of the Fearless model

-Myths: Proteins and calcium concerns in WFPB eating

-Acquiring an accountability partner

-The importance of journaling

-Questions and Answer

This week (week of January 22nd) we are addressing:

-Food Prep

-What is the SAD diet?




-Herbs and Spices

-Gut health

-Q & A

-Tip of the week

If you get a chance, check out the links below regarding food choices:

Why Plants?

Why Avoid Meat?

Informative Video of Food Choices

Looking forward to our second gathering tomorrow night on Clubhouse!!!