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Fearless Challenge 2023 Update

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Attention: This posting is for the more than 80 people who are members of the Clubhouse House: Fearless-30-day Kick start challenge for WFPB eating 2023

This is week 4 of the challenge 30 day Kickstart. If you have not gone totally whole food plant-based that’s okay. This is a life’s marathon not a sprint. It’s time to call on your support and troubleshoot what’s been going on.

  1. Take a minute to identify where you’ve stumbled and what you can to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  2. Talk to your accountability partner and share your thoughts and experiences.
  3. Continue to journal you feelings and experiences.
  4. Have questions and shares ready for tomorrow night.
  5. Reach out to me or other Mods between the Tuesday sessions.
  6. Continue to learn by going on YouTube’s Exam Room with Chuck Carroll, NutritionFacts.org and The Truth About Health.


    Tomorrow night we will be addressing:

                  -Engaging your mind (the mind needs regular exercise, just like your muscles)

                  -Social Energy (Relationships, Empathy, Collaboration)

                  -Spiritual Connectivity (Such an important source when things are difficult)

                  -Gut Health (Our second brain, so important for good health)

    -Q/A: Please come with questions to share. There are several doctors and health coaches ready to assist you in this journey. No question is stupid. Your question is likely the that same several others have.

    Two videos to consider:

    Gut Health-


    Brain Health-

    See you on Clubhouse tomorrow!!!

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